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Love tequila? A toast to pollinating bats!

By Micaela Jemison

Do you enjoy Tequila? Then you need to raise your glass to the pollinating bats that helped to make it! Here at Smithsonian Science we are celebrating Pollinator Week by exploring the world of pollinating bats.

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  • Timo Freeman

    I love everything about this video other than what appears to be 2 bat carcasses in the foreground of most of this video. Maybe at least a word on what you are using the bodies for at the moment, or how they are important to store/keep. I’m not squeamish, nor am I an animal rights fanatic, but rather it’s literally overkill from a visual messaging/ videographic standpoint. If you’re going to feature them front and center, at least give them some sort of credit/tell their story. Thank you!

  • CLeach

    Do you have the resources to Skype with a second grade class in October, 2014, when I present a unit on BATS?

    • John Barrat

      Hi CLeach,
      We shall contact you directly to discuss your request.
      Smithsonian Science

  • Dave Waldien

    Great job! Thanks Micaela and Don!

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