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Pink tourmaline “Nautilus” pendant enters National Gem Collection

The Smithsonian’s National Gem Collection in the Department of Mineral Sciences of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, recently added  the “Nautilus” pendant to its collection as the gift of Thomas Dailing. The pendant, designed by Dailing, took Grand Prize in the National Saul Bell Design Competition in 2008. It features a beautiful 3.76-ct pink tourmaline from Nigeria. The 18k yellow gold pendant involves a spiral based on Descartes’ equiangular spiral, a parabolic dish, and a truncated cone made of spiraling white gold wires. This pendant blends reflection and form together to create the effect of the inside of a chambered nautilus shell. It is centered with a “Phantom Spinner” tourmaline, a new cut by Richard Homer. The tourmaline has a polished drill hole running through its axis, allowing a tube set diamond to rest on its center, with no visible connection. The intense pink color of the tourmaline is magnified and reflected throughout the pendant due to this ingenuous design.


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