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Whale sharks featured in award-winning documentary following the work of Tropical Research Institute’s Héctor Guzman

“Pacific Travelers,” a documentary in Spanish produced by Albatros Media and directed by Alejandro Balaguer, recently won first prize in the National Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in the Foreign Film category.

The awarded film features Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute marine biologist Héctor M. Guzman diving with a group of five whale sharks while traveling in the Tropical Eastern Pacific. In the video, Guzmán tags a radiotransmitter to one of the sharks in order to follow its voyages.

Guzmán studies the ecology and population dynamics of coral reefs; taxonomy of corals, conservation biology; human impacts on marine ecosystems, coastal management, fisheries and marine pollution. He currently works on migratory patterns of large deep-water species in the Eastern Pacific, shark fishery, and marine reserves networking. Guzmán leads STRI´s reef monitoring network of 33 sites along the Isthmus of Panama, implemented over a decade ago with partial funding by Nature Conservancy.


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  • I don’t think I have the courage to swim with whale sharks, I’m to scared, actually I don’t even know how to swim 😀
    But instead I like to watch every documentary about underwater life and I notice that many researchers try to find more about sharks or whales life, they monitory them during their migration in the oceans and it’s amazing how many things you can discover.

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