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“Ignition Sequence,” by Vincent Cavallaro


“Ignition Sequence,” 1968, Vincent Cavallaro, oil on canvas. The power of the ignition and launch sequence of a NASA rocket is portrayed in an abstract form. The focus is a bright streak of white surrounded by black and red. Areas of green and blue as well as various patches of patterns and forms complete the image. This painting is just one of hundreds of paintings, prints, drawings and other artworks space-exploration-inspired artworks held in the collections of the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum.



One Comment

  • RSM61

    If I tried to make a painting of the shuttle launch, that’s probably what it would end up looking like (a complete mess) and some people celebrate this? I would have thrown it away. Hey, I’ve been an abstract artist my entire life and never new it. There’s no telling how many dollars worth of ‘art’ I’ve tossed over the years…..

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